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IDRAAK INT’L is one of the leading manufacturer’s representatives in Pakistan. We tend to work on the most sophisticated products and high technology as we have the capacity to add value to our customers where high end products are concerned. We represent some of the world’s largest multinationals in the Engineering Industry. IDRAAK INT’L also enjoys an extensive affiliate and technical support network in its areas of specialization. In that we have successfully fulfilled the needs of many large Pakistani organizations. Not only do we provide the technical assistance of adopting state of the art equipment, we also provide technical backup to our customers.

We provide quality Engineering Services to ensure high level customer satisfaction for periodic as well as on turn-key basis. Our seasoned professionals including experienced, first class certified Engineers, Technicians and Technologists carrying necessary Education, Training, Experience and special tools to meet our customers’ most challenging demands and ensuring that engines and systems are kept in good operating condition. At IDRAAK INT’L, we have a commitment to provide our customers with superior distinctive After Sales Service that will differentiate us from the competitors. The aim is to reduce the risk of untimely and costly disturbances and downtime. As part of our comprehensive approach, we are available to our customers at short notice and at all times, using our wide-ranging experience to answer queries, provide practical assistance and solve any problems that might occur.

The company is presently involved in the marketing and sales of products that are used in the vital operations of the Industries, Marine, Aviation, Robotics, Environment Energy, Medical, Automotive and Textile industry.


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